I was scouted by Muse Modeling on my instagram page. I was asked to come in for a 20 minute interview. We went back and fourth on what day to come in…plenty of communication between me and Muse. They never asked for any details about me, just thought I would be great. When I got to the agency we were asked to fill out a questionnaire and then we had to line up to get measured for height. After I was measured my name was called. I stood up in front of 6 other young teens/parents and other adults that were there for the same interview. I was asked (very loudly) if I was going to grow anymore and if not there was no need for me. I was so HUMILIATED and embarrassed because everyone heard them ask me to leave because I wasn’t what they wanted. There was even some way to skinny women in her late 20’s just laughing and had a big smirk on her face. WHY did they not ask me how tall I was or tell me the requirements that were needed. I was so excited for this opportunity and to be kicked to the curb in front of a room of parents and potential clients was an awful feeling:(.. I demand Rethink your scouting ways!. I don’t recommend them

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