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Complaint: Called the company and was having issues with PowerPoint. I was told that they are Microsoft at first then asked agan and they said they were affiliated with Microsoft. I asked if they were contracted with them and he wouldn’t answer he kept saying the same thing. (this was after when I was on the phone with them). I didn’t realize it at first they werent a coworker looked on line for Microsoft contact number and this came up. We called I told them my issue and they wanted to charge $99.95 and I needed this help right away for a deadline. The first guy said he needed access. Once he did he started to try to put their software for a help on my computer without permission and I said what are you doing and he said what he was doing and I said I didn’t give you permission to do that! He said oh ok let me remove it. I said I need the technician and then he kept trying to sell me their services and I said I need to be transfered to a technician as you stated you would. Well when I got on the phone. I was on the phone for almost an hour and nothing got resolved. They said they would have to transfer me to another department. When I was on hold I had a co-worker hold the phone while I walked to deliver something to a VP. When I walked back they didn’t disconnect with my computer and someone went into my DOS program on my computer. I kept trying to get control of my computer to disconnect them and the guy came on and he was denying someone was doing that!! I was struggling and finally able to fight them for my mouse and disconnected them and ran a virus scan!! HOW DARE THEY DO THAT!! I WOULD NEVER TRUST THEM ON ANY COMPUTER!! DO NOT USE THEM!! Nothing I called them for warranted them to go to my DOS program!!

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