My Pool Yard Las Vegas Nevada Review


Buyers Beware… I purchased 4 bottles of Bio-Dex Protect All Supreme. They used the USPS to ship; tracking info shows the package was delivered, but it was not delivered to my address. The day after my package was supposed to have been delivered, I contacted the folks at (aka: Wholesale Pool Mart, Inc.), and for two weeks I was given the run-around by the woman who answered my calls. I was told they would get in touch with the Postal Service to put a trace on the package, but I have now learned they never contacted the post office. Their attitude seemed to be along the lines of, ‘This is not our problem; we shipped it and it’s too bad if you never received it’! A reputable company would have sent another order out to me immediately, in an effort to keep the customer happy and coming back for future purchases, but these people don’t seem to understand the concept of good business practices, refusing to acknowledge the lost package and send out a replacement order to me. In fact, the so-called “supervisor””

Justin Pime

was incredibly rude to me on the telephone. He refused to put me in touch with his superior

acting out in an unprofessional

childish manner

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