My Recovery Business In A Box (M.R.B.I.B) Alabama


Complaint: 8 weeks ago I saw an ad on the internet about a business opportunity for sale. it all looked and sounded legitimate- the scam was for a business program ‘money recovery business in a box’ the owner of the scam is frank Kaslik. i found out too late that he is known as the Newcastle scammer, he has been actively scamming people for a living for 30 years, his scams are very sleek he presents as very reserved and not at all pushy in fact his whole aim is to come across professional and to be trusted, his scams span 30 years- he hussles people for small amounts and he pretends to be a successful business man- but he is a broke loser. he had tens of small scams and tries to keep it under the radar, the police have been notified many times but his scams are via business channels ie; Newcastle Property Investments (pretending to be a big shot investment advisor and owning alot of property), he has removed his website but check out his listing;, that scam has gone dry. his latest scam is selling a business system called My Recovery Business in a Box Frank Kaslik’s website is; its very sleek but a total fake, everything on it is a con, the woman on the video saying hi ‘I am Amy’ and the other woman giving a testimonial are actresses – cheap actresses from her real name is claire here is her link other lady is there too her fiverr ad says ‘ i will say anything you want is an a cheap actress people are being scammed for $10k, $20k and he is getting away with it.

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Address: 86 Swansea NSW 2281 NSW Australia, Australia


Phone: 1300 858 850

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