My Recovery Business in a Box (M.R.B.I.B) is a scam and so is the guy who sells it


My Recovery Business In A Box is such a joke. The thing is sold by this guy whoís called Frank Kaslik and heís truly an asshole. Heís one of those people who claim to be all sorts of things, rolled in one. To different people, he will pretend to be different things. Sometimes heís a real estate agent, sometimes an electronics dealer and all of a sudden heís an all-round business guru. Itís all utter crap. If you deal with him, youíll know. I hope you donít have to deal with this piece of shit, ever.
So I had just finished college in 2011. I was not quite sure what I wanted to do, so I was just weighing my options. I was randomly online one day, and I came across this advertisement talking about what a great idea the My Recovery Business In A Box was. The name sounded so stupid, I almost laughed it off. Thatís what any smart person would have done. But I was young and really stupid then. I thought I could do anything, and the possibility that someone could scam me didnít even cross my mind. I want to go back and slap myself on the face.
I remember all the details of my experience with Kaslik (if thatís even his real name) and his shitty My Recovery Business In A Box. It was the 7th of May when I responded to the advertisement and checked out his website The jackass actually has all these elaborate plans in place to make people think everything about him and his services are legit. I fell for the same nonsense. Do NOT get fooled by how the site looks decent. I swear, thatís the only thing decent about any of this.
So I choose the lowest priced plan. Even that cost me a good $5,000. I stupidly waited for the package to be delivered. I was looking for guidance to start my own business, and I hoped what I would get would be useful. The My Recovery Business In A Box was marketed as some sort of kit, and until it arrived, I thought it sounded great.
When it finally came, this is what it had: Some presentations about starting and running a business in a data stick, and a manual of sorts that apparently had it all. It was all utter crap! I actually watched all 6 hours of the video footage that they had apparently ďpainstakinglyĒ put together for their customers, and it was crap from the start to end! There was nothing that could help anyone! I finally called up their customer service number to ask for my money back. The person who was talking to me was extremely rude, and he just hung up after telling me they didnít to returns or refunds, and I had signed agreeing to all of that. My Recovery Business In A Box is utter bullshit.

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