MyFunLIFE Sedona Arizona Review


I was extremely enthusiastic about the MyFunLIFE discount travel program, but my enthusiasm quickly began to wane the first time that I discovered that they made errors in the payout accounting way back during the launch in July of 2013. I certainly let that slide as a growing pain of being in prelaunch and continued to enthusiastically represent MyFunLIFE. Here is a screen shot of that interaction with MyFunLIFE support: Months and months passed and MyFunLIFE repeatedly failed to deliver their mobile app or other promises in what I personally deemed to be a reasonable amount of time. I watched over half of the people in my original group drop out and became completely unsure whether to continue promoting this company which seemed to have a great concept credited to “the 16 year old genius son of the company owner Dan Edwards””. Until this month I was actually still hopeful that the company would still come through and be a success

but sadly I found myself arguing with customer support over my commissions again. Now truthly

I have no idea if the terms that they are expressing here mean that they had the right to keep my commission. I certainly didn’t continue to double check every single commission after realizing that I couldn’t trust their programming or accounting (though I probably should have)

but the long and the short is that after building a fairly big group and hitting the rank of “”Ruby”” for the past 4 – 6 months I know that I was paying more money in than they were paying me back out despite having “”upgraded”” the pay plan to “”pay our distributors more””. Clearly anyone else in my team was also losing money

not making it. Here is a screenshot from my second interaction about payment issues. Notice that the payment claims to have already been processed but I clearly didn’t receive it and it isn’t until I continued asking about it that someone in support finally came up with an excuse. When the system says that you are paid and the company hasn’t actually paid you to me that is considered fraud. I don’t have the time to become a forensic accountant over such small amounts of money. But what I can say is that I don’t trust anything about this company or its future any more at all. Two great pieces of advice that I’ve recieved from industry professionals is: 1) “”Integrity is the characteristic that guarantees all the rest.u201d Which is a quote from Brian Tracy and that 2) Any direct sales or affiliate marketing business only really has two jobs to accomplish u2013 One to pay their distributors or affiliates accurately and on time and Two to deliver the product and service to customers correctly and on time. Some may call me nit-picky about this

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