Myrka Gonzalez New York


Complaint: Law Guardian Myrka Gonzalez put my son David into the hands of two pedophiles….My ex wife Mariane, and her live in boyfriend Elvis 12/27/1965 ht 6′ 3″ 355 lbs with brown eyes who is a convicted sexual offender which includes sex crimes against children. My son is being abused and Myrka nor the Islip family court will help my sonDavid. Supervising Judge David Frundlich just sweeps my case under the carpet. Please lookLookElvis frazierup on the sex offender sites. Myrka Gonzalez knew of this because I told her of this at court and I called her office about this matter

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Address: But she did nothing about it. Please email me(((REDACTED))) of the abuses Myrka has done to your children. We need to have her law licence removed before she abuses another child. Thank you <a href=””””>CLICK here to see why Ripoff Scams

Website: link or e-mail address from this Report.</a>”

Phone: as a matter of policy

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