Nail Palace Complaint


After 15 years away and returned to homeland. I am utterly shocked with how service line are hard core selling at Nail Palace at AMK Hub. I walked in and asked for manicure and pedicure, after I was sitter amongst the most uncomfortable seat, the manicurist came. At the first look she sarcastically commented how dry my hands and feet are. The pedicurist then suggested a tablet to soak my feet to moisture them at $10 a tablet. I don”t remember my feet was being soaked enough to have the effect. Then she began and hardcore selling me a feet treatment of $388 (one time 15mins) she said and on and on. When I refused the treatment, she was unhappy and I could see she was just doing a wishy washy job. Following after another Vivian lady came and start to offer a reduction at $280 now for the same treatment. I refused again and she was upset and refused to file my feet. Wat a price difference with a discount but who one show me the official price list !!! Back to the manicurist who did my hands, begin with no soaking my fingers before cuticles cleaning and again same complain is dry and etc, because I refused to pay for the “special [censored] baby feet” treatment and any extra – she behaves and roughly done my nails. When comes to vanishing my nails they insist for fast dry vanish at a costs of $6ish and I said no … guess what I Saw unhappy faces and they couldn”t even wait for nails to dry and send my out. What”s wrong with these service line here !! Is this a day light robbery !! I can”t believe it … never again Nail palace – very bad business etiquette. I have been around the world having manicure and pedicures but this one is the worst ever, uncomfortable seating, no classy ambience, and overcharging for everything

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