Nancy E. Johnson Lapointe Cumberland, Rhode Island Rhode Island


My husband and I were married in 2001. I moved to RI from another state to start a new life with him and then our 1st child was born about 6 months later. We had another child in 2004. || Our relationship was good in the beginning, however, due to influencing by my husband’s family members and friends, we started to have problems off and on. My husband is very weak minded and never laid out boundaries to them about the fact that THEY need to take a back seat to OUR family life. || In 2011, my husband attempted suicide. I saved his life. While he was in treatment, we were better than ever! But a few months out of the hospital, he decided because he”felt good” that he didn’t need meds or therapy any more and started going back to his dive bar with his dive friends. Soon after that he must have hooked up with Nancy, because I started suspecting things, although he would dismiss them and tell me Iím Crazy. He kept hanging out at this house in Cumberland over the next few years all the time like 5 nights a week before he would come home to us, another house in Cumberland he would go over on occasion and say it was MIKE’s house.. yeah right….I started doing my own PI work…. || Fast forward to 2013, I was out of state with our children for a family gathering on MY side of the family. My husband had still been showing signs of repeating what he had done back in 2011 with the depression, so I was on him like white on rice. Apparently not good enough though. August 25, 2013, I couldn’t reach him for many hours so I started having flashbacks of that attempted suicide night. So I drove to RI in the middle of the night to find him. I said to myself”do I take rt 6 and go home or go by the suspected house in Cumberland” I chose Cumberland. 4am, I saw my husband’s car at the house belonging to Nancy. He was caught. THEY were caught. I even confronted the b**** telling her to stay AWAY from MY husband. She replies with”well it’s not like i’m f***ing him right now….” RIGHT NOW???? || She even tried to put a fake restraining order out on me. My husband filed for divorce in Oct 2013 but dismissed it in April 2014 and came home and we were trying to work on things. WE were getting along great and he was happy to be home. He stayed away from those friends and even told me he was glad he was home because he wasnít drinking and felt good. The day before Mother’s day he went over his sister’s house and came home acting weird. She apparently told him it’s your wife or your sister and then coaxed him into leaving a few days later and Nancy jumped at the opportunity. While separated, we STILL are together, even though she doesn’t think so because he goes and hangs with her and her friends still because they are all a gang together (sickening) and I STILL am married to him. She wonít step off!!!!!! WARN everyone, she’s a snake! || I will NOT give up on my marriage. and even if we split up, I am STILL NOT GOING AWAY as we have children and I will never ever let her be near them! She’s a pothead and a huge partier. That is why her marriage broke up or at least PART of it as I found out! Sad thing is, she has 3 children under her influence.. poor things. || She preys on his depression to say to him,”oh your wife is evil, etc.” || FIND A SINGLE MAN NANCY! || HOMEWRECKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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