Nancy Lee Bendixen – Durango, Colorado Colorado


My husband and I had many problems like most marriages but also unlike most marriages. We have been together 18 years, married 11. We have 5 kids and a grandbaby. (3 are my step kids but I love them just as if I gave birth to them.) For many years (and even now) I have had major abdominal pain and near my kidney on my back. I was unable to have sex very often because I felt like I was being stabbed every time. No doctor could figure out what was wrong. My husband and I talked a lot about it because I didn’t want our relationship to be ruined bc I couldn’t have sex as often as either of us wanted. So long story short, he first turned to porn. (Porn is cheating to me and it hurts just as bad) I asked him about it and he denied it. Finally I discovered what was wrong with me by diagnosing myself. I had severe endometriosis and multiple cyst ruptures. So I scheduled surgery. My husbands job took him out of town 5 days a week and I was left alone to heal from surgery. 4 months after my surgery I returned from my sisters wedding (I was a bridesmaid). He was acting funny and seemed very depressed. I hugged him and he pushed me away. He did not come to bed that night and left for work at 4am to do the 3 hour drive to his job where he stayed in a casino in ignacio, CO. I got a frantic call at 6:45 am from my husband saying he left his phone and to turn it off and mail it to him. Not a minute later Nasty Lee started texting,”I can’t wait to see you””I miss you”. So I called her and she just hung up on me. I drove all of the way to his job site (after talking to him on a coworkers phone and found out the story) he did cheat. He slept with her twice and she knew he was married bc we have a mutual friend who warned her. (I know its his fault too I don’t need bashed for that) The worst part is that we were finally starting to be able to make love again so it was a huge blow. I cried myself to sleep while he apologized and said he would do anything to make it work. We are a rare couple who will make it work with God’s help. || But I will NEVER be fooled again. This whore does this to so many families. She plays the poor me card” everyone hates me etc. She is bipolar, schizophrenic and has multiple personalities. (He knows how to pick em) she has hacked my phone, taken money from my cards and continues to harass me. My husband has had no contact. Thank God for the distance! October 6th will be 1 year. For 10 months I didn’t think i could overcome this. But we can because I know my husband and I see how much he would do anything to take it back. So I am choosing my family. No judgement necessary. I just want to warn people about her skank ass! I ended up with herpes and chlamedia (condoms don’t cover everything and oral sex is NOT safe for all you idiots out there). I am about to have my last ovary removed and more endometriosis and scar tissue. It scares me bc he wasn’t there for me the firts time but he really has turned a new leaf. He puts us first, he takes care of me on my bad days, he reads about how to help me through this. I have forgiven him but not her, she is still causing trouble and I just want her to go away. She uses men for her gambling addiction and uses her club card to”buy” food and liquor for her victims. Watch out she is completely crazy and should be in a mental institution. (Trust me my husband has and still is paying the price for his mistake)

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