Naples Bay Resort & Marina Complaint


A situation occurred when checking in with my boyfriend being over charged on his credit card. The balance on the room was $273.02 and the resort charged him $389.00 plus $400.00. They continued to swipe his card so much that the bank blocked his card and they had an $800 hold on his funds from the resort. As he continued to ask why were they charging him so much the front desk clerk told him that they didn’t. He called his bank and they let him know how many times they swiped his card (which was like 6 times) and they blocked the card for security purposes. The front desk manager was called out and she became very rude and attempted to embarrass him even though they were in the wrong. I ended up using my credit card so that we were able to check in. They put a $400 hold on my card which was suppose to be for $100 per night for incidentals and the remaining balance of the resort which still didn’t calculate out correctly. My boyfriend called corporate and they told him that he was over charged and that they will send notification to the front desk. Upon checking out, I reviewed the receipt and it stated that his card will be charged $273.02 which was return I asked about the $400 hold on my credit card and I was told that they will not be charging my card and the funds will be released. I checked my card and I was charged for the $273.02 for the room and $800 is still on hold in my boyfriends bank account. Very frustrating and unprofessional on their behalf.

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