National Auto Care Review


I was contacted in October of 2016. I bought an extended warrenting policy given that I did not know where my car came from previously. I have ran into issues like that before. I gave them $300 down and agreed to make monthly payments. They were satisfied with the offer. All the paperwork said I has 24 hours to think about it and they will return the money with not penalties or fees. I called the next day they said because there were no issues that the money would be deposited back on the card in a few weeks. I agreed that it was fine. I called back a few weeks later and they said that I was on a list for them to call. Something happened and they were going to mail me a check instead which was fine with me. I was told it would be sent in a day or two so they could processes it in the system. It is now March of 2017. I cannot speak to a person. I have called and left a number of voicemails giving both work and cell phone number and have not heard anything since. NOT happy and would love for them to find the consequences that they deserve for doing this to multiple people.


  • Name: National Auto Care
  • Country: United States
  • State: Ohio
  • City: Westerville
  • Address: 440 Polaris Pkwy #250
  • Phone: 800-548-1875
  • Website:

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