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Complaint: My car developed a problem with the serpentine belt and tensioner pulley. The dealer informed me that the repair would not be covered under warranty. The warranty company reguards these parts as “wear”” items. I called NAC to verify the dealer’s claim. The NAC representative explained to me the serpentine belt is definately not covered under the warranty. He then proceeded to tell me that the tensioner pulley was not listed as either “”covered”” or “”not covered”” and company policy is to deny any warranty claim for a part that is not specifically called out on the “”covered”” list. As an example

Tags: Auto Warranty

Address: if the oil-pump gear’s set screw is not listed under the “”covered”” section and falls out

Website: 575 Westar Crossing Westerville, Ohio United States of America

Phone: causing the engine to lose oil pressure and destroy itself

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