National Awards Commission Review


I received this ver official looking letter in the mail, 2 accually. And inside was a very appealling offer. the first letter was, send us $12.95 and we will send you $2,500 gift certificate for up to 75% off Not bad The second “official looking letter” was asking for $13.99 for a black cristal surrounded by clear chrystals on an 18 carat chain. And they both said that doing this would put me right up front for the winning of $2,000,000. Now It sounded pretty good, atleast I was going to get somesthing for my money. That’s when I decided to look up “National Awards Commission” and it sent me directly to Ripoff! Go figure. It was very tempting don’t get me wrong.And honestly I was kinof upset that they were scammers. $2,000,000 sounds damn good! .

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