National Collegiate Scouting Association Review


I was living in Peru as a volunteer on a project for a healing center when I recieved a phone call from the ecruiting department of NCSA. My son had just graduated from high school and looking forward to going on to college. I was paired with a recruiter named Joel Reed and proceeded with a 3 way call between myself, my son and Joel since I was in another country. Joel explained that he reviewed my sons film from Hudl and he believed he would play D1 football with the help of NCSA which is exactly what my son was hoping to hear! | After a VERY long convincing conversation of how to get him where he wants to be – if we act FAST, I agreed that I want nothing more than to assist him in anyway I am able. I went into detail that I had been a single parent for the entirety of my son’s life, living on a very limited income and since I was working as a volunteer at the time with a humanitarian project was not in a financial position to fund the $799 fee required. | I was told that I can start the contract and then file for financial aid to recieve funding through a program they have to help with low income families. | Joel led us to believe that time was of the essence and that we need to act immediatly to get the ball moving as colleges were starting their programs soon. So I agreed and gave my credit card information to make a down payment of $80 in hopes this would be a positive investment toward my sons future and with the idea that we would most definatly qualify for financial assistance according to the advice given by Joel per the conversation. At this time due to my hesitation, Joel proceeded to inform me that if my son was not placed and /or if we were not satisfied with the services then we would recieve a full refund. This information definitly lighten the load of my worry of the financial obligation. Upon completion of submittinmg my financial information we said our thank yous and hung up. I was not in the country no did I have internet access, therefore I wasnt able to sign a contract and never did at anytime there after. | Upon completion of our three way conversation I was given the financial aid department contact information to inquire about the grant offerings that we were supposedly qualified for only to be then told that since the school year was complete we would not be able to qualify, even though the entire time my son was in school he qualified for free lunch which was the requirement by NCSA to recieve the grant. At this point I already felt I had been misled Joel and called back again soon after to discuss further that I was not in a financial position to proceed yet was met only with the option to make low payments and a promise that my son would be placed with a team very soon. | Disappointment after diassapointment led me to call in too many times to count with complaints about the lack of service being provided and was met with promise after promise that my son would be helped only to find ourselves in the same place we started. My son was told by the coahing staff of NCSA to attend the community college for the time being due to the fact that the colleges already filled all their spots— why were we told otherwise when the recruiter spoke with us? We were told they would help get him a spot by the next season for sure! This turned out to be a huge set back and dissapointment especially when my son then hurt his back playing for the community college team and then couldnt even play anymore. I continued to stay in contact with NCSA and they continued to make false promises yet. | Eventually enough time passed and I asked for a refund only to recieve a no. I asked to speak with supervisors and no one was ever availble to speak to nor have I ever recieved a call back. I have been in dispute with this company since 2015 and have not been able to find resolution. At this point I am ready to contact the BBB, the news and anyone else who will shine light on the ways this company has baboozled myself and other innocent families, not only taking advantage of them financialy but more importantly smothering the kids dreams with false claims. | I want to be treated faily and am going to proceed with finding a resolution of a refund.


  • Name: National Collegiate Scouting Association
  • Country: United States
  • State: Illinois
  • City: Chicago
  • Address: 1415 N Dayton St 4th Floor
  • Phone: 866-495-5172
  • Website:

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