National Credit Audit Corporation Review


Unauthorized Transaction(s) | National Credit Audit Corporation (NCAC), | and Eastampton | To The Personal Attention Of: Collection Manager, | On or about April 30, 2017, I returned to Eastampton (Owner of lease) what I received under the contract on condition that its representative cancel my obligation. Charged for various transaction(s) in the amount of $728.00 was added 60 calendar days from the date the completion of ” Mutual Agreement To Terminate Lease” is received. I have been billed by this creditor for additional transaction(s) which is different from the amount billed in a prior settlement with Eastampton (Owner of Lease) receiving compensation is accepted to provide waiver and release of any and all actual and potential claims at the date of this settlement agreement. National Credit Audit Corporation (NCAC), and Eastampton cannot now present evidence to change the new agreement. No proper notice provided which before coming to an agreement and signing this settlement agreentment which it was required to do before I had to pay. I cannot be held accountable for any debt related to the contract. I revoke and cancel the contract and the mentioned companies not entitled to collect any money from me.


  • Name: National Credit Audit Corporation
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Dallas
  • Address: P.O. Box 515489
  • Phone: 800) 779-4894
  • Website:

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