National Fitness Easton Massachusetts Review


I signed up with National Fitness on 8/24/10 to receive personal training sessions. The manager, Mike L, did not provide me with company policies or cancellation forms or even indicate that there were any. He did however, let me know that I could cancel my membership at any time because I already lived too far away out of their radius. I received training sessions until my trainer became injured somehow. When he was injured I was not provided with a new trainer. I kept inquiring but they just kept putting me off saying Jason would be coming back and to wait. So I waited. He never did come back. They fired him and never bothered to reschedule any of his clients. There were several manager and staff changeovers and most clients got “lost in the shuffle”” according to the new manager


who was also later fired after a month. I filed a dispute with American Express and they successfully mitigated the claim with National Fitness and a refund was issued on 2/4/11. I wrote my cancellation letter

filled out the cancellation form

provided all information needed

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