National Recovery Agency / NRA Group Complaint


A few weeks ago I noticed a negative item on my Credit Report from National Recovery Agency – Original Creditor: West Bay Aquisitions. I did not recognize the charge so I submitted a dispute to Experian. I received an email from Experian that currently the status is that this item remains on my record. This Agency has no phone # listed on the credit report so I tried to search for it on the web. The search led me to this website ( where I found a few other complaints of a similar nature. I also found the phone # for National Recovery Agency and was told that this charge originates from the Book of the Month club. For the record, I hate these types of clubs that generate business by thrusting products on you that one doesn”t need. I have never ever been a member of the Book of the Month club and mentioned this to the Rep name Pierre that I spoke with. I asked him if he had proof that this charge was truly mine and he said yes. However, when I asked him to fax this “proof” he said that he could not do that. He said my options were to dispute the item (again) or to pay off the amount. I asked him why I should pay the amount when I did not incur this debt -he said that theose were pretty much my options. This smells like a scam to me. The amounts are fairly small and I think they assume most people will pay up rather than have a negative item on record.

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