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Complaint: National Support Solution – a scam I got a pop up warning message telling me not to ignore it and to call them. The alert also warned me that if I ignored the message, Microsoft would cut off my computer u2013 allegedly because my infected computer would infect their network. The alert also claimed that my credit card information, and other data was being accessed/stolen. It seemed like a scam to me but I called the number to see what they would tell me. The Guy who answered assure me that they are an authorized Microsoft provider. When he asked for access to my computer I told him u2013 u201cno – I am not comfortable giving you accessu201d. He tried to convince me that he was legit. I got his name and the companyu2019s name and while he was on the phone with me I had my co-worker look him up on LinkedIn. From his LinkedIn profile I could see that he did indeed work for National Support Solution but his title was a sales position (I could see he was based out of Florida). His LinkedIn profile only confirmed my suspicion so I sent him on away – back to swamps of Florida.

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