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Complaint: I clicked something online and my computer made this loud noise and I could not get anything. There was a message that said contact Microsoft Partner with a phone number. I called the number and got a guy named Kevin who was happy to assist me. I was so happy that I could get this resolved that I did not think of scam. Kevin told me what I needed to type in so that he could take control of my computer. I did as he instructed. He then told me that I had a virus and they could clean it up. He told me that it normally cost $400 but he would give me a discount of $150. He even stated that I should pay it forward. When I gave him the credit card info it wasn’t approved, so we had to call and get them to lift the non approval or whatever. He wrote on the screen what I needed to tell my credit card company. It was lifted and the transaction approved. He also told me that this was a one time payment and I would never have to pay again, even if I get another computer. He stated that I could transfer it. After all that it was turned over to the “technician””. He worked on my computer for hours and cleared it. Today

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Address: I decided to put National support solutions in my search engine and all I saw was scam and fraud. This really scared me. Now I’m wondering what can I do. Should I remove what they installed on my computer.”


Phone: USA

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