National Truck Funding Review


We were scammed out of money, our personal items, and the security of life and a lot of it to purchase a truck with this company We had to front 500.00 to get into the company and take them our truck as a trade in and 1000.00 down payment we drove 2 days to get there to look at a truck we were promised to find out the truck don’t look like the picture and got told we were not getting that truck we settled for another without a warranty due to the fact they had 1500.00 of our money already and we were 2 days from home they hold you there all day and sigh paper work late into the night so it’s to late to do anyting the truck was in fair shape and we drove away with the truck did not get far ran out of fuel gauge did not work thanks to the Mississippi state police we got going again first week home truck not leased on they wanted a payment they say low monthly payments well let me tell you 500.00 a week is more like it 2000.00 a month with no grace period and a late fee of $40.00 and a 8.00 wire fee with them its always a cost to never own this thing we did what we could with it spent more time broke down then running still had to make the truck payment no matter what or get threatend with a repo we had the truck for one year come Nov28th that was a Thursday come the Tuesday after they show up to my house at 10:30 pm and repoed it 2 men and a lady who stayed in her truck with it running they rushed us to get the stuff out of threatend to take it with our stuff and charge us 500.00 to get our stuff back 500.00 seems to be thier number well it is now 12/12/13 heard nothing as of yet but more then sure we will a company of this nature who take advantage of the small people .

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