Nations Van Lines Wisconsin Review


Horrible!! Can’t say it loud enough, HORRIBLE!! nWe had a POD reserved and ready to go. They came in and said they could match the quote. AFTER the truck was loaded with all of our stuff they changed their price and nearly doubled the amount of room our stuff allegedly going to take up. This after getting a full list of how many boxes & furniture we had. On the other end we took delivery of more damaged goods than not. Lucky for them boxes of clothes aren’t fragile or they would’ve destroyed those too. nThen after the truck was emptied we finally had a chance to measure the space our goods took up. After being billed for 1,250 cubic feet the ACTUAL space on the truck was 784 cubit feet. Less than the 860 on my original quote! Because they kept adding all the extra charges we ran out of money and actually had to leave my living room set behind. Imagine my disgust when we found out we were ACTUALLY using less cubic footage than the original quote! nI called the owner Eli at 305-788-5992 and he refused to talk to me because it was “FAMILY TIME””. Can you f-ing believe that! My “”family time”” was spent cleaning broken shards of glass and mirror out of the back of a subcontracted truck driven by Move Quick based out of Miami Beach. nIf you’re on the fence about this company

throw yourself on the fence

impale yourself on the fence

and save the pain and suffering!”

3389 Sheridan St Hollywood, Florida United States of America

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