Nationwide Collection Review


I had a verbal agreement with a place that I used to use to teach some classes. After leaving this place to work for someone else this company started to harassed me charging me a crazy number tor unpaid “rent”. The company hired PRA Recovery to collect the “debt”. From an original amount of around $3k, I was now getting charged for over $9k. After a back and forth negociation with one of PRA’s associates I offered an amount (higher than the original “debt”) to settle once for all the “debt”. The associate stated multiple times over the phone that with the payment in the amount that he was going to charge all the debt would be entirely paid off and there would be no residue amount whatsoever. I put another person over the phone to talk to the collector and the collector again confirmed that the case would be settled in that amount. Now I have received a call from their client (the debt owner) saying that PRA has been trying to contact me to collect the other part of the original debt (9k) and that they have not agreed with what I offered although the PRA associate said that their client had agreed upon my offer. .

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