Nauset Beach Club Rhode Island


Complaint: I went to a fundraiser for a charity locally to help support a great cause. At the auction, I purchased a weeks stay in Brewster, MA along with a gift card to Nauset Beach Club. The night before we went to this resturant which is open shortened hours (5-10 Wednesday-Sun) My wife and I decided that taking our twin 13 month old boys there would be a mistake given it is their witching hour by the time the resturant opens. On Wednesday night (the night before we departed) I called and asked to order food and have it wrapped up and taken to go. This is where things got ugly. The owner asked me “where i had the nerve to think that he honored takeout.”” Then proceeded to tell me that his food did not travel well. I thought to myself

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Address: does it get carsick? In any case I tried to be nice and explain to him in two different ways why we could not bring in our boys. It would not have been an enjoyable experience for the other customers or my wife and I. He said

Website: and tried to reason with him. At that time he was rude and kept pushing back. I gave him 4 opportunities to make it right and get creative. He chose not to. I said I would be writing reviews to let people know about our experience and he crinkled up the certificate

Phone: “”Find a time to come with your wife and leave the children”” Frustrated I said

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