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Complaint: They installed a remanufactured engine in my 1986 pontiac 6000 ste. 1n early 2001. 18 months later , I took it in for a mandatory inspection.The authorized shop near my home notified the headquarters of Neco engines,that the oil pump was defective. After three weeks of waiting and no car, another remanufatured engine was installed. Total down time six (6) weeks. Rigt away, I noticed a strange smell from the engine. I let the shop know and they said the engine had to break in. A month or so later, I noticed the engine was using oil and was starting to smoke from the tail pipe. Blue smoke.I returned to the shop and they said that maybe an oil change would help.It did not. I notified the main location of neco , which is located in New Hampshire, and they sent me to another authorized repair shop near me on Long Island , NY. They were told to perform numerous tests to determine why the engine was blwing blue smoke and was using oil at a rate of a quart every 600 to 700 miles.I felt that the mother company was waiting for my 2 year full warranty to expire so I reported them to the attorney general of New Hampshire.Once they were notified by the Atorney general, they stopped authorizing the shop to work on the car. I was told by a Jerry Newel from Neco, that I would have to do it the hard way now. I guess that means court. I am not scheduled to be in small claims court in December. Neco claims to have the best warranty in the business. Do not believe it.I have maintained the car just as they requested and the engines installed on my car were just defective. They have broken their contract with me and they will be held responsible. I will be filing for more damages but this is going to be done in a higher court with no limits. THey are quilty of breach of contract, loss of use of the car, etc.Beware of NECO ENGINES. Check their web site and look at their warranty claims…. Peter East Meadow, New YorkU.S.A.

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Address: 790 Gold Street Manchester, New Hampshire U.S.A.


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