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Complaint: My 1999 Ford Taurus bought new in 1999. Was traveling for my job on I-40 when I felt a jar, I pulled into the rest area entrance when it came to a halt. Could not put it in gear. Called for a Tow truck and took it to Neil Sandler Ford. Got a call from Heidi telling me it was the planetary gear and that I needed a new transmission. I then told her to proceed. She stated that it would take a week or more to get the part. I then had my wife call around the next day and found someone that could do it sooner. She called Heidi and Heidi said we would have to pay $186.50 to pick it up, she asked her to hold on and said she would check the status of the new transmission. She then said that the part came in already and that the car would be ready the next day. My wife picked the car up and parked it at our house. The next day I was taking my wife and daughter to the mall, when the car started making the sounds again, we turned around and was heading home when the car jerked violently and were almost hit by another car.I have parked this car and am stopping payment on the check for the new transmission for the price of $2961.29. HELP!!!!! Pete Louisville, TennesseeU.S.A.

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Address: 3699 Alcoa Highway Alcoa, Tennessee U.S.A.


Phone: 865-970-2500

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