Hi, Im highly concerned of the legitimacy of Neucopia . I think I was a victim of a pyramid scheme .
Neucopia claims to be affiliate marketing but its a membership you pay for monthly . I joined on October 30 2013 . paid $269.95 as a premier member. John cook is the name of the creator of Neucopia. There are two levels a basic and a premier level. The NEUCOPIA Basic Level Membership is $49.95 per month. You have the privilege of learning from top industry leaders to teach you to generate multiple streams of income in the premier level. This training is only motivational speaking and persuasion to buy their systems. They didn’t mention that they’re surprise product fees. You do not get paid by selling a product in order for you to make money you have to build a team . There are no individual products to sell you income is only based on how many people you recruit . I thought the training and everything was worth what they say its worth. I found no use to it . I also found out later from my sponsor Davaughn Wistrom , after I already joined that Neucopia does not claim to be MLM . I went into Neucopia in belief it was multi level marketing but in order for you to make money you have to build a team. Recruit people to join under you but they do not claim to be multi level marketing. Other Affiliates in the business initiated contact with me disrespecting, belittling and discriminating me because of my age and neglected the fact that I have a brain injury.

Neucopia Corporate
311 West Third St #3918
Carson City, Nevada 89703
Creator Rich Cook. I demand Full refund & the company to be shut down. Stay away

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