New England Beekeeping Supplies, Inc. Reading Massachusetts Review


I was looking to purchase 5 lbs of pollen. This merchant listed 5 LBs of pollen on their web site at an attractive price. The listing can still be seen here where it states “Pollen 5 lb. – $25.00″” I purchased the pollen and received a little more than 2 lbs. I called the seller and told him about it via phone message and did not get a call back. I sent him an email and his response was that he sold pollen in jars that are the size for 5 lbs of honey. I told him with all due respect that he can’t post a listing on the internet for 5 lbs of pollen and then deliver 2.1 lbs. It is irrelevant that the jar he is selling it in weighs 5 lbs when it is filled with honey

because he is filling it will pollen. Honey is much heavier than pollen. I requested he send the remainder of the pollen he sold me and I paid for. He did not responded to my request. He has also not changed the listing on his web site

so he is still prepared to defraud the next unsuspecting pollen purchaser with the same listing. As a side note

it was my desire to find the cheapest price for pollen which is quite expensive. I had the opportunity to purchase pollen from another vendor at $9.80 per pound delivered. But I purchased from New England Beekeeping Supplies

Inc. because they listed their pollen at about $7 delivered. In the end

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