new generation capital builders hampton roads Virginia Review


This is the deal, Carlton Upton Jr is a deceptive businessman. He finds various properties/lots with his “agent”” shauna lane. They both work together to “”make deals happen”” He was the previous owner of MEC VENTURES where he did the same thing- scammed people. Carlton presents “”projects”” to his investors and get them to provide money to invest in various deals rather its building a new home or just a renovation to a foreclosure or so. He has always been able to get loans through these “”hardmoney lenders”” with extremely high interest rates and use investors to pay earnest money deposits or closing cost because he has no money. Once the money is obtain and loan is secure carlton waits for the “”draws to begin”” every item is overpriced on the job to ensure he can live off of the draws. Next issue is the money runs low and job isnt completed. Carlton then goes back to the investor and request for additional money so the job can continue because progression is a must. If more money isnt reinvested guess what

regardless of your contract agreement or if he added you to the company even if its via the state corporation commission guess what- you will be removed. He violates the agreement and finds a new investor and basically you have to sue him for your money back. He continues to have multiple investors tied into one project. He lies. He is a horrible businessman and he is untrustworthy. He had a home at 2000 Piedmont Aven in portsmouth that had about 6 investors tied into it. None of them knew about eachother and guess what- I was one. Never recouped any funds or intial investment.What did he do? start a new company which is now New Generation Capital Builders. I looked in various court records he has a background of Construction Fraud. That is basically what this guy does. Frankly

I also know for a fact that he had a business partner that I personally met and she agreed with me Ebony Coe. Carlton and Ebony are no longer business partners and I wonder why? Workers said they loved working for her because she paid them. Carlton doesnt pay his “”contractors”” or investors. He gets free labor and also continues to gain lines of credit that never get paid unless liens are placed. Carlton sold a home right under her nose

never paid her and switched closing attorneys last minute and removed her from that previous company. I just wonder how long will he be in hampton roads scamming people. He will have to relocate because its a small area and everyone isnt lieing. This guy reputation is horrid. Not many people have good things to say about this guy. With any business everyone may not like how you run your business or like you personally but this guy is just bad news. Please lenders and investors look him up and ask about this guy. there are about 10 investors that have invested in him

Mec Ventures

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