New Hampshire Public Works Fryeburg Maine


Complaint: I was at New Hampshire Public Works A little over 10 years ago and I was shocked at the ignorance and rudeness of the employees there. I took time to fill out my information on the computer program they have. There were so many questions I had to leave and come back on another day to finsih my work. When I was finally done with this I turned to a staff member who was different from the one I had talked to on a previous day and said, “I’m done with this

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Address: “” because that was what I had been asked to do. The first words out of her mouth were

Website: I was tempted to start screaming and to tell her I don’t want to talk to any jerks!! Then she sat down and asked me

Phone: “”I don’t know what you want.”” She escorted me back to an office that was not private but only had a partition around it. There was a group of men standing around talking and she went over and whispered to them and said

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