New Planet Moving And Storage chicago Illinois Review


So I have been moving pretty much my entire adult life. I have had about 6 so called “bad moves”” and about half as many good moves. This company is recommended by the BBB and the COC and this is where I learned of them. I was needing to move from Purumph

NV to Houston

TX. According to these agencies the company was great. Once I had all of my items picked up

I was shocked to recieve a phone call notifying me that my move had went over weight by almost 400lbs! That is an extra $300.00!! I was so furious and I gave them the worse time I could (since I been through so much with other co’s I wsn’t trynig to have them play me!) They carelessly offered a free re-weighing of my items upon deliver

where I could go to the scale and verify the weight on my own. Well when they came will you guess what happened next? It was 640lbs over! They had only charged me for 400lbs of extra weight. For those of you who do not get it…. They under charged me!! I did have additional items picked up other than what I had originally thought I would take

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