New York Spinal Specialists Review


I visited The Spinal Specialist and met with Dr. Lattuga after waiting almost three hours to speak to him. I accompanied my dad to ask a few questions in regard to his surgery. Initially, the doctor walked in and welcome everyone into his office. | He advise everyone that he will tell us about the surgery then open the floor to any questions. The doctor from offset was very arrogant, and kept on bragging about his success rate and that he is blessed which I respected his confidence. | However , when you asked this doctor for specifics about age groups and similar situation as my dad, his answer are the same and no real response. I asked numerous questions and it appeared that Dr. Lattuga was getting more annoyed that I was asking question. My job is to protect my dad and his job is to be a professional. | I guess I asked too many questions, Dr. Lattgua stormed out and told me if I did not leave his office he will call the cops. He went into another office and screaming for me to hear that he has 20 years of experience and did not need this s**t. Dr. Lattuga is a con artist he pretends like he care for his patients but in reality he does not care to answer questions or make his patients. | All I was looking for is confirmation that this surgery was the best idea for my dad, I am against Dr. Lattuga you are not the one to operate on him, better that he showed his a*s now, then my dad was in his operating room. Then what?! | Dr. Lattuga, an MD does not represent class or success nor does it teach bed side manner. Any one considering this doctor, be careful.


  • Name: New York Spinal Specialists
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: North New Hyde Park
  • Address: 2001 Marcus Ave #170
  • Phone: 516-355-0111
  • Website:

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