Pinellas Park Fl. Review


Edium. Return information said to take pictures with shirt on. Then return shipping only through United States Postal Service. Such I did. Along w with invoice. After two weeks I received no response. Called phone number but it won’t work from USA. Contacted them through email customer support. The customer service said they never received items. I have contacted them at least ten times they still say they never received shirts ,cost me $40.00 to ship back. They know that there’s nothing I can do . There’s no way I’ll ever get my total cost for purchase and shipping back $120.00 I know they received the shirts. The return policy is ridiculous.It a a mile long. Never buy from Newchic the prices are great but if you have an issue they don’t want you to return it that’s apparent. Newchic also sells on Amazon and has three other stores that sell the same things they all start with the name Gamiss. Please spread the word don’t get fooled buy there good pricing. Half of the information I just typed doesn’t show for some reason. But you can get the important part. About Newchic there clothing sizes are for children a 2x men’s shirt is a small or medium in USA sizes. Rip off company in China they know they don’t ever have to worry about ever returning any ones money if there’s an issue.

Guangzhou,Guangdong, Baiyun District China

020-86073343 or 181223616


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