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WORST COMPUTER RETAILER in USA What Happened? I placed an online order with them as a guest. The transaction appeared on my credit card. Then newegg cancelled my sale because my phone number did not match. We have 8 different phone numbers. I have several credit cards. How am I to recall which credit card has what? Okay, I wanted the deal so I checked my account and reordered with the correct number. Order was processed, now I have 3 transactions on my credit card. How does it reach 3? Anyway, they cancelled my order again. I called them on the difficult to find phone number and misleading phone system – (it asks you if you want immediate service or to use their automated option, I chose immediate and it put me to automated anyway – obviously this company is operated by inexperienced uncaring personnel). So, they went and verified all my info and were not sure why it was cancelled so they put it to their support. Later I received an email it was fixed and I can place my order again. Okay, so I did. I placed my order for the same item. Now my credit card shows 5 charges for the same item (in their defense I cannot see credits when it is still pending according to my credit card). So what happens? My order gets cancelled AGAIN!!! Serious? SO I called them but now very upset. They have no easy way to pull up your info and the people are extremely rude if you push them at all. I guess they are okay to screw you and you are to take it with a smile. Now, my credit card company freezes my account thinking this is fraud. Excellent! I call neweggheads back and the lady was beyond rude defending her company and placing all the blame on me. Okay – I ordered from Amazon and 8×8 with no complications – but these eggheads are now a thorn in my side. All this to save $20 – Never Again. Save yourself stress and go to or use amazon. Notice their out-dated website and these eggheads do not have a BBB ranking and are shown to have over 1000 complaint in 1 year. Clearly this is a low grade company. Shop at your own risk.

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