Newport Beach Plastic Surgery Review


I interviewed many plastic surgeons over months and narrowed it down to two. Dr Ambe asured me that he could make me look like I was when I was twenty. I said are you sure oh yes and had a good chairside manner. I asked for just the realities and he asured me it was. I asked for photo’s of real patients (he loves to show one of a real house wife) and later I realized I never really saw any other patients but this house wife looked amazing like her daughter so I thought great if I look something like that I will be happy. I told him that when I am sedated that my body needs very little sedation as it cannot take much seeing as I dont take any medications or drugs. I stayed over night at a house he recommended (lovely woman) but I dont even remember much I was so sedated. Then my husband picked me up and I went to his office. I honestly thought I was dying I felt so terrible. I glanced in the mirror or was horrified as I was black purple. I was so ill as I said I felt like I was dying. We asked to talk to him but he wasnt in that day and the girls must have known I wasnt well as they told me to stay there in one of the offices. I was there from 9am until almost closing never once did the doctor come in to see how I was, the girls were nice checking in on me occassionally. I finally could get up just before closing and go home. I still was not well and I lost a lot of hair around the front of my face. Never had that happen before. When I did see Dr Ammbe he did not care that I had been sick, he now showed very little interest in me. He had his money so why worry. I kept of asking why this part of my face wasnt looking correct and my ears which had once been so cute everyone would comment on them were stuck to my face and they still are to this day. His comment just push them up as they are healing and they will be ok. Well they arent and are still like it. After the months I mean months of facial swelling (I wanted this procedure for my graduation and was told that my face would look great and in time) no I had a swollen face for getting my PHD marching down the isle and photo’s a constant reminder. People were asking as you ok your face is so swollen and what happened to your ears not nice. I complained over and again about my eyes are just as droopy and face and ears now stuck to my face and he said I am not going to do any more to you. A year later he laughed and said you were on the verge of crashing while I was doing your procedure ha ha ha. The times I did return time after time, the girls would put me in a room within 20 mins but he would make me wait 4-6 hours before he would come in, his comment I have new people who want surgery bassically more money for him. I told him I wanted my face fixed and ears he said well there is a tighening machine I just got in you can pay to have that done. I said you should do it for free, but no it is about money and he said I have to pay. I complained about the hair loss and again he wanted me to pay for treatment to have it fixed. It is all about money, just look how he dresses and the offices. Another poor patient came in one time after having her breasts done and she was so ill too and not much attention was paid to her either, It is once I have your money I dont care. I still can not believe how I was treated and left worse than when I went in. He has charm to charm anyone. He will tell you what you want to hear. I saw a complaint agains him the day before my surgery I confronted him with it and I was told it was some other doctor who was jealous of him, and I got sucked in and believed him. If you come across him run, run as fast as you can.

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