NHCH, National Health Care Discount Macon GA Review


I just received a call today from a “recruiter”” about the leads position. I figured that it sounded like a real opportunity to work for a great company. Thank goodness I went ahead and done research on the Internet! The recruiter was very nice and I decided to go ahead and try it out. nI researched an hour or so later and called the “”recruiter”” back and told her that I will cancel the process and she was a bit rude and said that since I did call before the 24 hours

I will not be signed on. I went ahead and called my bank to lock my card and since the debit from them had not went through

I was very lucky. nI hope that others who try to get a job with them research (especially at this site) and realize that it’s not work it. I just don’t see how a website says “”No investments”” yet you have to pay a access phone code fee. LOL…obviously

this company cannot pay the bills and if they are worried about people not staying with them long

that should tell you something right there!! nThanks for the information on this site! Also

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