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Complaint: 2014 NHE Certification Scam- NHE Scholarship Programs My wife and I attended a NHE seminar, supposedly sponged by The National Housing Endowment International Builders Scholarship Association to provide monetary support to NAHB Student Chapter members but I think it was just a hoax to get people to sign up on their $1000 builders certification program. Know this and be warned, builders who show up at your door are usually there with ill-intent – not many are likely to show up and offer deals to customers if they are highly sought after. One of the most common builder scams is to show up with ‘left-over’ materials from a local job. The builder will then make you an offer that seems unbelievable and will promise you that they’ll get the job done quickly as they’re moving on to another soon. Never make a deal at your doorstep with a builder who is clearly trying this scam out on you. Most of these builders are rogue traders and won’t even have insurance. They’re likely to be working on their own and without the backing of any reputable trade organization. This means that you have no fall back if something goes wrong and the lack of contract is probably going to work in their favor, not yours.

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