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Nial Fuller is Full of Cr#p

When looking for reviews of Nial Fuller or Learn To Trade The Market, you would find many mixed opinions. Many people think he is an excellent guru while others disagree. At the time of buying Nialís course, I also fell in the former category but after seeing how wasteful it was, I realised Nial isnít what he claims to be. 

I did some digging online after my terrible experience with Nial and LearnToTradeTheMarket, and I found a lot of interesting stuff. For starters, I found how Nial lies about the strategies he used in the Million Dollar Trading Competition. I also found how many people donít like his course and have the same problems as I have. 

There are many things wrong with how Nial claims to be a forex guru and Iíve tried to debunk many of his claims in this article. 

It took me several days but I hope itís worth it. I donít want anyone else to waste their money on a useless course and end up in a whirlpool of useless claims. 

A Brief Introduction of Nial Fuller

Nial Fuller is a popular forex guru. He runs the website where he writes articles on his forex strategies and tips. According to his bio on that website, Nial has been a forex guru since 2008 and has more than 25,000 students. 

His website bio is filled with a lot of boasts and praises. What it doesnít tell you is how Nial lies to his students and how he makes multiple fake claims about his expertise. I donít know how many students he has, but I know he has a cult-like following. 

Nial rose into popularity when he won the Million Dollar Trading Competition for forex traders. AxiTrader and FXBlue had organized that competition in 2018 and the winner got $1 million to trade with in the market. 

I wouldnít lie. His website has some useful blog posts and not everything he says is bad. But thanks to a lot of PR, he has successfully buried many reviews, causing people to think he is what he claims to be.

In reality. Nial Fuller is a liar who deceives people. His $250 course doesnít teach you anything useful. Moreover, he claims to teach you the strategies he used to win the Million Dollar Trading Competition but he doesnít.

His Learn to Trade The Market Course: is a course by Nial Fuller

Nial sells a forex trading course in which he claims to teach you the strategies he used to win the Million Dollar Trader Competition. He claims to be Ďthe authorityí on price action trading, even though I havenít seen anyone who lauds him as such. 

Nialís LTTM course costs $250, which is a substantial amount for something that doesnít provide much value. Many people complain about the courseís low-quality content. I have taken that course and believe me, you wouldnít want to waste 250 bucks on that!

Most of the things Nial claims to teach exclusively in the course are already popular concepts. Thanks to his cult-like following, criticizing him anywhere leads to a barrage of negative comments and replies. Thatís why many people are afraid of sharing their experiences with Nialís course. 

Most of the things Nial claims to teach you in the course are already available online for free. You can watch videos and read useful threads on forex trading to get the same value youíd get by paying $250. When I took that course, I realised that Nial only added some fancy names to several price action concepts. The forums were a little helpful but after they while, they got very repetitive. 

I tried to get a refund on my LTTM course but Nial or his team never responded to my request. Obviously, I was disappointed with the quality of content present in his course. 

I have found several reviews of people complaining about his course and Iíve shared them in a later section of this article. 

On top of selling a useless course, Nial is also lying about his strategies. Selling an overpriced and valueless course while claiming it will teach you something useful is already a bad thing. The lying part just makes it all worse. 

Nial Fuller DOESNíT Follow His Own Advice!

The main reason behind the wide popularity of Nial Fuller and is his success in the forex business. He was able to create a huge fan following after that win. 

That competition helped him in many ways. It allowed him to pose as an authentic forex guru and monetize his brand further.

He gave interviews, got mentions on different places, and earned a lot of good PR for his win. 

 But I must point out, he made a lot of fake claims about how he won that competition. In this section, Iíve elaborated on his various lies so you can see why Nial isnít that reliable.

Trading as a DAY TRADER, Not a Swing Trader:

Nial doesnít hesitate in lying about the strategies he used in the Million Dollar Trading competition. He says that is a swing trader and that he didnít trade many times during the competition:

Nial Fuller's lies about his methods
Nial Fuller lies about his methods

But when you take a look at the stats of the competition, you get a different picture. Iím sharing the screenshots of Nialís FXBlue account called [email protected] All the stats that I share in this article are available at his accountís page, which I have shared in the ĎReferencesí section below. 

Nial traded 50 times within 33 days

In the span of 33 days, Nial traded 50 times. That averages at around 1.5 trades per day. Even for a day trader, this number is quite daunting and many traders donít perform this many trades.

His average trade length was 26 hours, which is just above a daily length.

Considering it was a competition, we can say that it’s acceptable for a day trader. However, Nial doesnít say he is a day trader. 

Following a Risky and Amateur Strategy:

Iíve already debunked Nialís claim that he traded as a Ďswingí trader in the competition. But thatís not all. 

Surprisingly, Nial used very amateaur trading strategies in the competition and thatís something you never expect from a professional. In the competition, most of his trades either had an inverted risk/reward ratio or didnít have any stop loss at all. 

Any trade that has a higher stop loss than take profit has an inverted risk-reward ratio. Here are the first few trades of Nial:

Nial had many trades with inverted risk-reward ratios
Nial had many trades with inverted risk-reward ratios

The ones in red boxes have higher stop loss than take profits and the ones in yellow boxes donít have a stop loss at all. This is clearly not something youíd expect a professional to do. 

Having no stop loss means you have unlimited risk to lose your trade. 

Youíd think Nial would follow a better strategy in future trades, but no, things keep getting worse:

More risky trades from Nial Fuller
More trades Nial made in the competition

The trades I havenít highlighted either have a balanced ratio, a positive one or are a part of a previous one. 

Here are the additional trades Nial performed in the competition: 

More risky trades from Nial Fuller
Almost all the trades have an inverted risk-reward ratio

You can see, all the trades in this screenshot have an inverted risk-reward ratio. After these, only a handful remain out of which only one trade had a positive risk-reward ratio. You can see these trades for yourself by going to the reference link Iíve mentioned below. 

What does it all mean?

Okay, so almost every trade Nial made had an inverted risk-reward ratio or no stop loss at all. The total number of trades Nial made was 50, and when we group the same trades together the real number comes out to be 35. 

Now, out of those 35 trades, 18 had inverted risk-reward ratios. Moreover, 10 out of the remaining trades had no SL or TP (or both of them). 

All of these numbers indicate a poor, impulsive, and amateurish strategy. It is clearly not a strategy of a Ďswing traderí. 

Banking on Luck Not on Numbers:

Nial claims that he is a professional who knows what heís doing. On his website, he says that he applied Ďsophisticated money managementí to win the competition but the statistics paint a different picture.

High Chances of Loss

His applied strategies were rash and impulsive. They were nowhere near sophisticated and posed great risk. You might think Iím lying or making stuff up but the following screenshot will change your mind:

Nial had 53% probability of losing 100% of his funds
This is what you call poor risk-management

According to this, the probability of Nial to lose 50% of his total investment was 73%. Thatís a huge number and you donít see any real professionals taking such kinds of risks. Even his probability of losing his entire investment was higher than 50%. It stands at 53%. 

All of this indicates that the chances of Nial to lose all of his investments were higher than the chances of him gaining anything. Do you think professional forex traders trade like this? No. 

Low Duration of Positions:

Another proof of how abrasive and rash Nialís strategies were, is the average duration of his trades. In the screenshot below, you can see a chart which shows the duration of his trades. 

Chart showing that most of Nial's trades were within 25 hours
Notice the cluster before the arrow

I have added an arrow to indicate the 25-hour mark on the chart, around which you can notice a lot of dots. Every dot stands for a trade Nial made and their position indicates the duration he kept them. Most of the dots are around the 25-hour mark, which shows he kept a position only for around a day. 

This is completely opposite of what he claims to do. Iíve already pointed out the hypocrisy in his claims and statements but I must share it here as well. 

Nial says that he traded only a handful of times during the competition like a swing trader does. But this is another indication of how Nial traded like a day trader, which is totally different. 

Number of Bad Days:

The indications of his rash strategies donít end here. The following screenshot shows the number of days Nial traded where he faced a certain percentage loss. The primary highlight here is the number of days with the highest percentage of loss. 

Nial had 4 days with worse than 10% loss
Another example of poor risk-management

As you can see, Nial had 4 days where his loss percentage was worse than 10. No sane forex trader uses such strategies which causes such frequent losses. 4 days with more than 10% loss means the trader couldíve lost the entire investment!

You expect such performance from a novice trader with no experience in forex but you donít expect an ďauthorityĒ figure to perform in this way. 

Many people might argue that ĎWorse than 10%í doesnít mean anything concrete and it could just be around 11-20%. But thatís poor speculation. Hereís the extent to which Nialís losses went:

Nial lost 42% in a day
Losing 40% in a single day shows how abrasive Nial was

On his worst day, Nial lost more than 40% of his investment. If he were following a sophisticated strategy then it wouldnít have happened but as you can see clearly, thatís not the case here. 

Normally, when you suffer a 40% loss on a single day, you donít recover. But thanks to luck, Nial was able to recover. 

Yes, Iím thanking his luck here and not his trading strategies because as Iíve already explained in this article, his strategy was trash. 

All the evidence points towards a rash and novice trading strategy which is totally NOT what Nial claims to teach. Not only is his strategy different from what he claims it to be, but itís also a horrible one. 

Other Peopleís Opinions on Nial Fullerís Course

I have found many negative reviews on Nial Fullerís course and Iím sharing some of them here. Many people who criticise Nialís course have the same problem I had, that is, Nialís course is filled with a lot of unoriginal information. Most of what you see in that course is available for free online so the expensive price tag seems shady. 

Here are some reviews of other people:

Nial Fuller Review 1
A review of Nial Fuller’s course

The above review is actually part of a thread discussing why Nial Fuller is banned on a certain website. The reviewer here didnít like the study material and thought the paid course would be a lot different from the free content he sees everywhere. Just how I thought Nialís free content was quite attractive, this reviewer thought the same. And we both ended up paying hundreds of bucks for a worthless course. 

Hereís another complaint:

Nial Fuller Review 2 Part 1
Nial Fuller Review 2 Part 2

The person here found the course to be full of vague and nonsensical concepts. This reviewer wasnít able to make any of the courseís strategies profitable too. Another important highlight of this review is how he clarifies Nialís method of stealing credit. 

I only saw him doing this once in a forum discussion where Nial didnít agree with a memberís strategy but when that strategy worked, he acted as if he was the one who came up with that. 

Whenever Nialís strategies fail, he acts as if he never mentioned it or that it belonged to someone else. This is just a cheap tactic and shows how unreliable Nial is. 

Unsurprisingly, Nial (or someone from his website) has reacted to this review in a very harsh tone:

Nial Fuller's response to the review

He openly claims that the negative review isnít legit at all. Even when the reviewer is anonymous and hasnít shared any details of his account, Nial claims that the person didnít exist in his database. How did he check his database when thereís no info on the reviewer? Does he have any superpowers where he can see who is posting a review on his website and check it onto his database? 

Because Nial didnít have any legitimate response to that review, he straight away claimed that the reviewer is lying and is defaming him. 

There are many negative reviews on Nial Fullerís course and youíd find similar replies on them. Either someone from his website, or one of his fans would start trashing the reviewer and make various allegations on the guy. Itís almost as if every negative review on Nial is a lie!

Verdict – Donít Trust Nial

Nial traded in the competition like a novice does. Itís surprising he won that competition even when he couldíve lost all of his investment with his poor strategies. On top of that, he lies about how he won that competition and sells a course by claiming that he would teach you the strategies he used to win that competition. 

Now you know how poor his strategies were and how he lies to everyone when he says he is a swing trader. 

If you found this review helpful then please share it with others. Everyone should be aware of Nialís lies and finding out the truth behind those lies is quite difficult seeing how much PR he does. 

All Iím saying is: Donít trust Nial Fuller. 

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