Nicole Huneycutt North Carolina North Carolina


It all starts when I was at my boyfriend’s residence, cleaning up the bedroom, I find a big thing of mail in the drawer hidden under some clothes. So I open it up, and only to find out there were some letters that he had saved that he had gotten while he was in prison. I took them to his mom, who by the way lives next door. She read them, and only to find out the letters were from his sister in law. Nicole Huneycutt, was staying with his mom because her parent’s didn’t want her at their house, so she shacked up with her mother in law. We both confronted her, she claimed he just wanted someone to talk to, and they never did anything. I begged her to stopped lying and she finally came clean, saying they slept together twice after he got out of prison but that was it. I confronted him, he said nothing happened, she is lying.  I made him change his number, I forgave him because even though I had it on paper I could never catch them together. || A year went by, he had changed and I believed he had changed and he wasn’t cheating. Until Tonight,7/15/2014, she was at his house and not only do I have proof this time, I just didn’t catch them in act. He swears he isn’t doing anything, but I just trust him and go on with my day. She was caught walking out of his room, and walking out of the house, not only has she been told not to ever come back to that address, but I physically punched her in the face and told her that if she ever came back that there will be hell to pay, well hell is about to hit. She has lost her kids, because she chose her”husband” my boyfriends brother, yes you heard me right his BROTHER, over her kids, which they are no longer together kudos to the brother, he was smart. But she continues to try and ruin my relationship. || Well once and for all they are perfect for each other, they are two disgusting individuals. I know it takes two to tango, so trust me I will be posting him on as well, there is nothing good about this girl, she will screw anyone, it doesn’t matter the size, shape, color, or anything. She is just nasty, and so is he. I have been with this sick person for five years, I have stood by him 100%, and for him to treat not only me but his 3 year old that loves her daddy to death like crap and throw us under the bus, is just ridiculous. He has hurt me for the last time. I WILL NOT stick by this man any longer. Not for him to continue to hurt me. You need Jesus both of you do. It’s just crazy for her to want to be me so badly she has to be with my so called boyfriend. Well you stupid, ugly, fat, whore you can have him. Like I said y’all are meant for each other. What I  don’t get is if he cheats on me what makes you think he won’t cheat on you? I hope you two have nothing but misery in your life. and may you step out in front of a Mack truck and it runs both of y’all over. || Ladies beware of her, if your man comes home and has to take a shower it’s probably because she always smells like rotten fish and he doesn’t want you smelling that on him.

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