Nicole Tzystuck Strickland – San Diego, California California


This woman is a professional. Is doesn’t take her long after losing dick to work. She seduced my husband of 10 years into falling into her STANK ASS P*SSY trap. Her M/O is to find young married men and bring them into her dungeon and destroy their marriages so that she can display them like a notch in her newly stretched DISEASE ridden p*ssy. || This creature completely DISHONORS her vows in her OWN marriage and her rank in the NAVY. She only goes after men in the military and probably relishes in the fact that she has destroyed so many families. She is a predator and should be regarded as such. She gave advice to my husband when we were having trouble and even invited him to her house while… || her kids were there. He told me that the kids were left unattended for over an hour while she used her GARGOYLE p*ssy to ruin my marriage. Nicole Tzystuck Strickland should be kicked out of the military for ruining so many sailor’s lives but as far as I know this NASTY HO is still making rank. || I found pictures of her disgusting excuse of a VAG with her kids toys in the background. And in the same day she would try to give my husband advice on what to say to me. Now my kids are left crying and wondering where their Daddy is and why he isn’t home anymore. I feel sorry for her kids too. They are innocent and have to see their mother bring homes different men and one of her baby’s dads AND she’s still married. If you live in Murphy Canyon Military Housing, keep an eye on your man, This NASTY HO is on the prowl and she only wants MARRIED men.

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