Nikki Dillon-Wood Illinois Illinois


The funny thing is I knew of this whore before I even met my husband. She dated my ex-husband in highschool and was known as a tramp back then. So, my husband started a new job at the airport, lo and behold this bitch was working there. He befriended her at work, and I told him that she’s known to be a little easy, and he reassured me that she wasn’t like that anymore and now she’s married with children. I trusted my husband because his first marriage ended because his wife cheated on him, so one would think that he wouldn’t cheat. Wrong! || So, my Husband and I were not even married a year when he started his affair with this thing. I started getting really suspicious of his behavior back in August, so I decided to do some investigating. One thing that caught my eye was that in his call logs she was his most frequently contacted, but when I looked through his messages and call logs they were magically erased. Red flags went up. Then I took a good look at our cell phone bill and LO AND BEHOLD there were 7,000 text messages between these 2 in a month not to mention the hour long convos on the phone and skype and snapchat. I brought that to his attention and we immediately sought marriage counseling. He still denied EVERYTHING, and swore they were friends. I gave him the benefit of the doubt. As time went on I just kept getting a bad feeling about things so I told him to cut all ties with her. I should have left his ass when he picked her over me, but he finally decided to”cut ties” with this bitch. Still suspicious, I had his old cell phone which was still logged into his fb messenger. I logged into his fb messenger on Dec. 28th 2014 while he was working and caught that man red handed telling the this bitch he loved her and talking really inappropriate with her. He’s been fucking around with her during his lunch breaks and everything. Even when he was supposed to be doing other things. || So, Needless to say I left his ass. She can have him. Im surprised her husband took her ugly ass back. But Warning to all you married women. Watch out for this hooker.

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