Nina Means (Janota) Bryan, Texas Texas


My husband and I met Nina in a bar we go to regularly. She was a new face in there so I introduced myself and my husband. She seemed like a good person, but then I found out she was trying to hook up with the bar owner, who is also married. That night went good; she showed no interest towards my husband. || The following weekend was the grand opening for the bar so I told my husband to go ahead and I would meet him there when I got off. Well I got off about 30 minutes early, and when I arrived at the bar they were all over each other. My husband jumped up gave me a kiss and hug and asked how my day was I walked away. The fucking bitch couldn’t even look me in the eyes when I came in. I gave my husband the cold shoulder the rest of the time and that stupid cunt enjoyed every minute of it because he stayed by her side the whole night. He left to go to the bathroom so I went and sat next to her where he was. She must have thought that he had his phone with him because she text him while I was sitting right there, and he had left his phone on the bar. That piece of shit had already given him her number. I told him I saw what was on there and I erased it. He says he didn’t know she put her number on his phone. Well they continued to text and talk to each other, I had no clue. But then I noticed he was staying out late and going to the bars without me, well come to find out she would text him where she was going to be and to meet her there. About a week after they started talking he told me he was moving out to a cabin on the ranch he works at and he would be home on the weekends. I started to hear from people that they were dating. So I demanded he tell me what was going on and I wanted to confront her too. || When I finally got the chance to talk to her she did nothing but lie and deny everything. She said she isn’t that kind of person to tear apart a family and if her and my husband were going to have a future together he would have to prove it was over. He went behind my back and filed for divorce. I had no idea what had happened, one week we were happy and perfect and the next week this bitch comes into our lives and we are getting a divorce. It pisses me off just thinking about it the bitch was doing his laundry and they were going on dates. All while I was oblivious to them even being that close. So now he has moved in with her and wants me to be ok with it. He abandoned his family because of her. She fed him all her lies and he believed them. She took my husband from me and my baby’s father from them. He hasn’t seen the kids since he left and my youngest child is 4 and she wants nothing to do with him. I have been so good to him I catered to him, gave him 3 amazing babies, and stood by his side through it all. She wanted him so bad she can have him now it is a heavy weight lifted. It hurts more than anything though because we were high school sweethearts, together since we were 14 and had been married for 9 years. I know there is a special place in hell for her type. They deserve each other though. Now I’ll let karma deal with their sorry asses.

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