Nintendo of America Inc Review


I have been reported so many time by Miiverse Administrators that I feel were in violation of my Freedom of Speech. My latest concern though was that I had three comments that were deleted they claimed was included criminal activity. I was talking to someone about the website and the number of games they could play. Because Nintendo is offended by the words “emulators” and “hacked” you can’t mention anything about it on Miiverse. is a legal site that allows you to play games off of their site only using their emulators. They do not charge you for the games, but to keep the site running you can donate to the page. The recieved their domain name from Go and have been running their site since 1998. I was accused of criminal activity all because of this site. I do believe that their Code of Conducts is in direct violation on many user rights as well that I have experienced and have told them countless of time. They don’t believe they are doing anything wrong.

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