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Complaint: Approximately two years ago, I learned that the radiator support beam for my 1995 Nissan Altima was rusted. Rusted to the point where there are one inch diameter rust through holes that could be poked out. I was not told by Wright Nissan in Wexford, PA that this was covered by warranty and only learned of the coverage from Nissan America through a telephone call directly to them. Upon returning to Wright Automotive, I found out that it was about a $900+ warranty repair. They indicated that the way to repair this problem was to cut out the radiator support beam and weld plates over the rust spots. This would then be re-welded into place. Due the difficulty of this repair (removal of radiator and other parts), the cost would be $900+. This would be covered by warranty 100%. I decided to let Wright Automotive do the repair. Upon picking up the “repaired”” automobile

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Address: I did a cursory exam and everything looked okay. After returning home

Website: they sprayed undercoat over the front part of the beam. This was a $50 repair at best. I called Wright and told them that the repair was a scam. I also contaced Nissan America repeatedly and was told different things at different times. They indicated that an inspector would come to look at the car and later recanted to say I would have to return to Wright. Wright scammed me once and I will never again trust my automobile to the Wright scam artists. Obviously

Phone: I got down on my hands and knees and did a thorough exam. I learned that the car had been repaired only in the front that was immediately visible to a cursory exam. In fact

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