NJA Auctions Review


On saturday 10/6/2018, steve jolley consigned 2 storage units of different items to be sold at auction on friday 10/12/18 and 10/19/2018. | I attended both auction nites, stuff that didnt sell the first nite, sold the second. | the first nites auction stuff flew out the door, since it was in the original boxes including cameras, guns, hdtv’s,microwave,car collection, car buffers,load bars, dog travel kennels, bird cages for a falcon,furniture,hand made furniture. | at the second auction, i inquired as to when i would receive a accounting and a check, I was assured that check and accounting would be mailed the first week of november, which most of the world knows ends on 11/3/2018. I waited and till the 4 th, sent a text, the reply was it was being mailed on the 5 th, being a holiday I waited till the 9 th. | NO check came the 9 th. or 10th., so I remindedd them (steve and trish jolly), that i send deposit mailers to my bank in kingston, and by friday, latest saturday i have deposit confirmation. | So I call and I am told the famous last words “THE CHECKS IN THE MAIL”. | So I travel to saugerties, first going to a address listed for there house 46 south road, mt. marion ny, then to the auction site on 11/23/2018, | stay out in the parking lot, to observe them setting up for that nites auction, see his wife dump items outside, | so I go inside with my phone recording the conversation, | steve jolly calms his wife is not there to issue a check, | and since I filed a BBB Complaint on 11/18/2018, he (steve) is not going to pay me the money and I’m going to have to sue him to get my money back and any unsold items. | So i go to the saugerties police department to file a complaint, sargent Rushkowski interviews me and decides to call the business up and hear there side, | steve jolley then claims no items have sold, and i have filed a BBB Complaint so he’s not paying. | Now, logic would dictate that, if nothing sold, why would you want to hang onto worthless stuff? | Everyone knows space is at a premium, but since I attended both auctions, he can’t say nothing sold. I would not give him a gun collection or other antiques and a multitude of items untill i saw how he did with 2 storage units, when there was a 4 car garage and a 2 truck garage and a 1800 sf house full of stuff. | WELL EVERYONE WILL KNOW STEVE AND TRISH JOLLY, NJA AUCTIONS ARE NOTHING BUT RIP OFF CON MEN!


  • Name: NJA Auctions
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: Saugerties
  • Address: 3139 US-9W
  • Phone: 1 845-246-9500
  • Website: www.auctionzip.com/

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