Noah’s Ark Feed Barn Review


As a concerned member of the public, I would like to pass on some information about Kerry Criss, aka Kerry Ingraham-Criss, who is listed online as Director of the Butte Valley Community Resource Center. Kerry has committed financial fraud before in the past, and may do so again the future. For this reason, I need to make you aware of her past behavior. She swindled a young couple out of their life savings when she sold her toy store called Geppetto’s Toy Shop in Mount Shasta. She was in desperate financial stress, and falsified the financial statements of the store so she could get more money. If Kerry experiences financial stress in the future, she may try to cheat other victims. Here’s the website I found about Kerry: Kerry has experience creating fake transactions in Quickbooks. I have no idea if Butte County Community Resource Center uses Quickbooks, but my point is that she has perfected the thought process to falsify financials. If Kerry is in charge of finances for Butte County CRC, then I would advise that you closely audit her. I’m hoping that if some day you discover something strange going on at BVCRC, you can remember this email and immediately take action because you know Kerry has a history. You have been warned. Butte Valley Community Resource Center 111 3rd St Dorris, California (530) 397-2273

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