Nomorerack Bronx New York Review


On December 7th, 2013 at 2:45 pm, I placed an order with nomorerack for two kindle fire as advertised on their website. The items totalled $198.56 excluding shipping and tax. The items were shipped on December 11th and I received them shortly after. To my dismay, the items I received were not the kindle fire. They were actually refurbished nooks. I immediately attempted to call the customer service number but received a recording asking me to send an email. When I sent an email to customer service telling them that I received the wrong product and that I needed a retun label, they sent me an email telling me that the product was a final sale and that I should have read the FAQs. They also sent me an attachment with the FAQs. However, nowhere in the FAQs does it indicate that the item was a final sale item. In the FAQs it also stated that unopened items should be returned within 14 days. I was returning the items unopened the same day that I received them which is way less than 14 days. I am very disgusted by this company’s dishonesty and lack of customer service and professionalism. They are scamming customers and they need to be stopped.

381 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10016 New York, New York USA


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