Nordstrom Inc 95123 California Review


Beware that Nordstrom quietly changed their return policy. On paper it’s still the same but now they try to deny returns any time they can. They say their new upgraded computers cannot hold the info older than 2 years and even if you have all tags, their special sticker and receipt they still try to say “NO”” or go as low as offer you rack price for the item you paid a full price for. Never mind they still tell everyone that Nordstrom return policy is so great once they accepted tires! Don’t fall for this urban legend! They even try to give you rack price for items you purchased just few months ago if you do not pay attention. If it happens to you ask for the official return policy in effect the day you originally purchased it (it should be fun!) then a manager on duty

then store manager

than regional manager. Do not let them get away with it! Their policy still ststes they will take back anything if you are not completely satisfied for a full refund. They are cutting corners everywhere — last 2 times I was at 2 different locations I could hardly find a sales person

on all counts Macy’s is more “”Nordstrom”” now if you know what I mean! Nordstom Visa went to hell as well. I used to tell everyone how great it was till one day I was late paying my bill by 4 minutes and they would not wave the $35 late fee! FOUR minutes!!! I don’t know who those people are any more! I was a customer for 20 years

but after fighting with them over returns and now rediculous late fee I am done for good! So in 4 minutes Nordstrom made $35 and lost a customer for life and thosands of dollars because I am returning everything returnable at this point!”

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