North American Title Loan, Sioux Falls, SD Sioux Falls South Dakota Review


I used North American Title Loans. The process was easy. They walked me through nearly everything. They were too eager for me to keep getting more money when I paid my loan off. They tried to convince me to keep a loan balance of at least a dollar and forty-five cents, to keep my loan easier to get a next time, and “We will keep your title.”” I declined. I told them I wanted my title back. They are clever and change the subject immediately. The clerk gave me loan papers back. She kept me talking to distract me. Then she said “”You are set to go. Come back again when you need your next loan.”” I walked out without a thought of asking when I would get my title back. It has been a month

and I am still waiting. I thought they would have to send away to Pierre (government) to request it back. But now

I was thinking. They should have the title since it had been months since they first got it from me. I need my title back. I paid my loan free and clear. What is going on? I am starting to get really concerned. After all

I did everything right. So

why didn’t they explain how or when they were going to give me my title back? They don’t have claim over my car anymore. I do. How do I get it back?”

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