North American Van Lines Review


Beware of this company. They are con artists and pathological liars! clearly, i should have read all of these horrible reviews on yelp, bbb and scamion before i decided to proceed with them. Our sales guy, larry corley, is a complete joke! sold us then never ever talked to us after that. Referred us to our “specialized” move coordinator, tia brewington, and she was non-existent until i had to escalate my emails and calls. Terrible communication! | This company arrived at my house on may 23 to load the “trailer” that they said they needed to get down my street And by the way, my next door neighbors had united van lines 72′ truck come down the street with no problem). They arrived 2 hours late smelling like pot! | The truck never left atlanta until may 31 (8 days after they loaded truck) and didn’t arrive at my new location until the very last day, june 8th, after which larry had ensured that we may even have our delivery there by june 1st! that should have been my first red flag. | Upon receiving my furniture, i noticed that the majority of my furniture was beaten up with dents, scratches and destroyed!!!!! boxes looked like they were kicked and beaten with a sledge hammer! | I’ve already had to file a claim from when the loaders dented my wall and begged me not to file anything since they were contractors Another lie that larry told). | The workers are not employed by north american. They are employed by beltmann relocation group. Don’t get fooled. North american makes beltmann pay for any claim made so they don’t have to and they try and sell you on the most expensive move package with $0 deductible and its a scam! so far $8,000+ worth of damages and growing. | Do your homework. Do not use this company. They are terrible. This company is crap and personally i think they are really sketchy all the way around! | Pictures don’t lie!


  • Name: North American Van Lines
  • Country: United States
  • State: Illinois
  • City: Franklin Park
  • Address: 3310 N Mannheim Rd
  • Phone: 847-288-1039
  • Website:

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